D & M can now offer a full deburr and edge rounding service on all stainless steel laser cut items where required. We are also able to apply a machine brush grain finish which can be applied to both sides of a flat component to achieve a uniform finish.

What is deburring?

Deburring refers to the process of removing sharp edges or burrs from a material which leaves behind smooth edges. Some of the most common processes that result in burrs are milling, drilling, engraving and turning. You can almost expect deburring to occur during process such as laser/plasma cutting, blanking, punching and shearing.
There are various methods that you could adopt to complete deburring which include manual deburring, electrochemical, thermal energy, cryogenic and mechanical. Of these methods, manual deburring is the most common. The reason being it requires low cost tools, is the most flexible and allows for instant inspection when working on material.

What are the advantages of deburring?

During the production process it is very common for burrs to appear on material. These burrs can create sharp edges which, if left untouched, pose a very dangerous risk for anyone who handles them. Deburring eliminates these edges to create a smooth finish which not only looks fantastic but also makes the product completely safe to handle.