Folding & Bending

D&M now has five CNC pressbrakes which have the capability of folding a considerable range of material thicknesses. This can range from as little as 0.7mm up to 20mm. The fantastic accuracy and speed of these machines allow us to work with metal up to a maximum length of 4 meters.

We operate with some of the most modern machines available. They are eco friendly and energy saving thereby making them very environmentally friendly. We utilise the very best computer software and skilled staff to manufacture a diverse range of metal formed products.

Folding machine

What is sheet metal folding?

Sheet metal folding covers the bending, folding and pressing of sheet metal into a predetermined shape. Metal folding is used to create many different products. Due to the nature of sheet metal, it is possible for it to be reshaped in many ways. This can include rolling, identing, bending and shearing.

In a typical setting, the bending of sheet metal would be carried out on a press brake machine. These machines use strong tensile and shear forces to bend, fold and punch the sheet metal into the required shape. Some advanced metal folding technologies now include automated panel bender machines and high-speed bending cells.

The bending speeds of our machines can be adjusted. It can bend different thicknesses of metal and different lengths.